Manner of gift giving in Japane

Japanese money envelopes, called “Noshi bukuro” are generally used for giving money
as gifts on all sorts of ceremonial occasions.
You will be able to see many different mizuhiki designs which are tied around the envelopes as decoration.

Mizuhiki is meant to enhance the happiness of person who receives the gifts.
The size of the envelopes and the shape of mizuhiki decoration must be carefully chosen,
depends on the occasion and the amount of money that is going to be inside.

The shop staff of Haibara would happy to assist you to choose the proper envelope.
They would also take care of calligraphy to write your name on the envelope.


Musubikiri for Wedding (left) and Yuihodoke (right)

and Yuihodoke

“Musubikiri” means a knot which cannot be disentangled easily.

This type of envelope is used for ceremonies, which happen once in a lifetime, particularly for marriage, recovery from illness, and funeral.

“Yuihodoke” means a bow knot which can be untie and tie over and over.
This type of envelope is used for celebrations which can happen many times, as well as for general occasion to show appreciation.


Printed money envelope

This is the type of envelopes, on which shapes of Mizuhiki and Noshi are wood-cut printed.
You would be able to use these envelopes on relatively casual occasions.


Pochi bukuro

“Pochi bukuro” is one style of money envelopes to hand small amount of money.
Blight color and witty patterns were preferred to express giver’s sense of humor.