Haibara’s long time seller, Letter papers

Haibara presents extensive line of letter papers.
Japanese novelists and writers, Mori Ogai (森 鴎外1862 – 1922), Nagai Kafu (永井荷風 1879 – 1959)
and Kawabata Yasunari (川端康成1899-1972) also favored Haibara’s simple lined letter papers and envelopes.

Simple lined letter papers and envelopes

Wood cut printed letter sets

Woodcut printed letter sets with seasonal motives are also popular products.

Jabara letter paper

Jabara letter set

Jabara letter paper is the new type of letter paper, which is folded in accordion style.
Each folding line has perforation, where you can tear off the paper according to the length of message.

In this way, this stationery can be used either as small message pad or long letter paper.
This product won the Good Design award 2012.

Both the writing pad and envelopes are made to be used vertically in traditional style, however you can still use them side way for western writing.